2014 Year in Review & New Beginnings

2014 has been a year of challenge, brokeness, growth, and many more things yet to be discovered. Along the journey I have taken a thoughtful look at my life, my heart and the times that lie ahead and who I want to be as a woman, a mom, a photographer, a friend, a daughter.  I long to live an authentic life filled with vulnerability and love.  I want to laugh out loud, cry in front of strangers and allow people to see my heart at all times.  I will be glad to say goodbye to the pain of 2014 but I will never forget what I have learned.  I welcome with arms wide open 2015 and new beginnings.  In this new year I am excited for the growth that Jamee Photography will make sharing a new logo and website.  Here is a glimpse at the new logo.  The new website is coming very, very soon!! And here is a link to a year in review of the fabulous weddings, engagement sessions and portraits I was so blessed to be apart of


Wedding- Terrie & Travis

Congratulations to you two.  What a beautiful day, full of so much joy and emotion.  Blessings to you and your amazing family.


Engagement- Holly + RJ

I love you two.  Thank you for playing with me and letting me capture this special time in your lives.  I am so so happy for both of you, you are two peas in a pod, and I can not wait to be apart of not just your wedding but this journey of life.  So many blessings to you.


Family- Wilson Family

I love this family so much.  Thank you for being my friends, I am blessed beyong words to have you in my life.  I can not wait to meet your new little addition soon. 


Wedding Album- Jon & Kate

I love photographing the wedding, editing the images, but there is something so exiting about designing the album.  It makes me feel like my job is complete.  I love telling the story of the day with the moments that were captured and reliving the emotion that I felt that day.  I just finished working on Jon & Kate's album and will of course post pictures of the actual album when it is completed.  For now, here are the layouts.